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Infinite One in the 3rd Person
Preparing forShabbat means preparing for Redemption.
"Remember the day of Shabbat and sanctify it"

Rashi writes that "remember" means that when we obtain a special delicacy during the week, we should save it for Shabbat. The Lubavitcher Rebbe explains that every day we are obligated to remember Shabbat and to begin our Shabbat preparations even from Sunday.
Fruit of the Torah
The heights of closeness to G-d taste only sweet.
Tu B'Shevat - the New Year of Trees - often falls during the week of parashat Yitro, the recounting of the giving of the Torah. The Torah says, "Man is a tree of the field." Our roots are our faith in G-d, the trunk is the Torah that tells us what to do, the branches are our observance of the mitzvot. And the fruits are the effects of our actions in this world, may they be many and go on to inspire others.
At the Mountain's Foot
Via the Torah the Jews can instill G-dliness in a physical world.
One's voice can communicate what one is thinking; the Sages teach that there were five voices that accompanied the giving of the Torah to illustrate G-d's infinite nature - beyond that of the four levels within Creation - or even beyond the Four Worlds.
Honoring Parents
Honoring Parents
Recipe for long life...
The Arizal's fundamental insight is that honoring one's parents is related to the development of one's spirituality. To honor one's parents is, in essence, to recognize them, and this acknowledgment facilitates for them the potential expansion of their soul.
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