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An Awesome Attitude
Complete self-investment leads to great spiritual returns
Jethro was one of the three advisers of Pharaoh and the high priest of other gods. All the world was shaken when they heard of G‑d's mighty acts and wonders and they looked to Jethro for advice. When they saw that he came to Moses and converted to monotheism, they all distanced themselves from the worship of their deities.
Face of Justice
Kabbalah teaches that one's appearance reveals the nature of the soul.
Jethro advised Moses to delegate some of the responsibility by choosing men of stature to be judges and leaders. The Zohar comments that Moses was able to distinguish the unique character traits of these judges by reading their facial features, which, as the Kabbalah teaches, reveal a person's inner nature.
Seeing the Sounds
G-d rejoiced at the Giving of the Torah even more than when the world was created.
All 613 commandments of the Torah derive essentially from the Ten Commandments. In addition, the total number of letters comprising the Ten Commandments is 620 - the sum of the 613 Biblical commandments plus the seven rabbinical commandments.
Meals of Faith
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Meals of Faith
Based on Zohar Shemot 88A
One should complete all three Shabbat meals and find joy in each and all of them because this is a manifestation of perfected faith. Therefore, Shabbat is more precious than all other times and holidays because it contains all in itself, whereas no other times or holidays do so.

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