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Leaders of People and of Time
Moses was the head of the nation; Shabbat leads in the aspect of time
The Zohar teaches that the spiritual leader of the Jewish people is the equivalent of the entire Israelite nation. If he is righteous and worthy as Moses was, then all the people are deemed worthy in his merit. However, if he is not worthy, then the entire people are punished.
Bread from Heaven
Shabbat provides spiritual nourishment for each weekday.
"No one should leave any [manna] over until morning."

One day does not give or lend to the other. But on the sixth day, the Queen prepares the King's table. Therefore two portions of manna were found on that day - one for the sixth day, and one to prepare for the celebration of the King with the Queen.
Garments of Vengeance
G-d will punish the tormenters of his beloved Israel.
In the future, G-d will reincarnate all the kings who embittered the lives of Israel and fought over Jerusalem, as well as those leaders of people who destroyed the holy Temple. G-d will then exact their punishment from their reincarnated physical body and nefesh. Their buildings will be destroyed and their very existence will be removed from the world.

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