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Watering the Garden
Fruits are nurtured by various sources, physically and spiritually.
G-d created everything male and female, including water, in order to for them multiply. Since G-d created wheat as the staple of nutrition, it is elevated above all other vegetables and can be considered as a fruit of the tree; therefore it will not produce fruit without "male" waters.
Sweet Dreams of Fruit
If one sees olives in a dream, it is a sign that his business will be fruitful, multiply, and be stable – like olives.
With all of the learning meditations on fruit that we enter into on Tu B’Shevat, the New Year’s Day for Fruit Trees, you may have sweet dreams that may require some of the following Talmudic interpretation!
The Emperor, the Elder and the Fig Tree
If G-d had not hidden from man's heart the thought of his imminent death, he would never build nor plant.
Just as you will find the land full with all that is good, so too shall you plant for your descendants. G-d hid the day of death from the heart of man so that he would build and plant. If he merits, he will gain the benefits, and if not, others will get the benefits.
Manna and Fruits of Israel
There are thirty species of fruit that grow in the Land of Israel, ten each from the realms of Beriya, Yetzira, and Asiya.

The fruits from the realm of Beriya have neither shell nor pit. The fruits from the realm of Yetzira have an inedible pit. The fruits from the realm of Asiya are surrounded by an inedible shell which acts as a protective barrier, preventing the impurity from penetrating the holiness of the fruit.
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