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Bread Crumbs in the Beard
Kabbalah describes the mystical connection between bread and divine mercy
The Ari explains that the 12 unique loaves of bread on a special table in the Tabernacle manifest the spiritual entity known as the "beard of Arich Anpin", having 13 (12+1) elements which draw down divine mercy from the upper worlds - in contrast to the earthly realm which is more entrenched in a system based on the number 12 (as in 12 constellations).
Origin of (4) Species
Kabbalah illustrates the mystical roots of the Four Species of Sukkot.
The mitzva of the Four Species of Sukkot requires 1 etrog, 1 lulav, 3 hadas branches and 2 willow branches. Thus there are actually 7 in all, alluding to the seven sefirot that build the world, as Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai explains.
Avenging the Death of Abel [Part 1]
Forcing premature healing can damage the world.
"The son of the Israelite woman blasphemed..."

Both Cain and Abel were born with twin sisters, but Abel was born with two twin sisters. Cain was jealous of Abel's extra sister-wife, and this is one of the reasons he killed him. When Abel was killed, Cain's evil was transferred into the Egyptian taskmaster that Moses killed, since [Moses] was a reincarnation of Abel, who was killed by Cain.
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