When those wise men are conscious of that holy ruach [drawn from Arich Anpin that unites with malchut and causes a tranquil spirit to dwell on Shabbat], then [they should be in tune with that spiritual unity] and perform their marital duty, for that ruach draws down with it all the holy souls [from the world of Atzilut]. And they thereby inherit children with lofty holy souls because their souls are drawn down through this harmony [without the mixture of the Evil Inclination. Know that when man has intercourse with his wife, souls that are truly in the spiritual image of the parents are born at their time of union. This is why it is necessary to do complete repentance before union, for if not, then he will have relations with a sin on his hands, and the soul that is born will reflect this . On Shabbat, when a person has an additional soul and therefore very good attributes,it is in his power to drawn down a holier soul from the world of Atzilut].

When this spirit
[of holiness] rests on the world, all the evil spirits and prosecutors are gone from the world, and we do not need to pray for protection [in the evening prayer of Hashkivainu]. For the power of the Shechinah protects Israel [from all aspects of judgment and fear], and the tabernacle of peace spreads its wings over them, and keeps them safe from all harm.

[Thus we don't say on Friday Night, "He, the Merciful One..." which protects us from all damagers, and we don't say "Safeguard our going and coming" in Hashkivainu, for there is protection from all supernal judgment. As our souls elevate at the time of sleep to be deposited in malchut, there is no need to ask for this protection in one's prayer because the Shechinah is protecting him, and his request is therefore a blemish on the honor of the Shechinah which dwells upon him and guards him on Shabbat.]

You may say: we learned1 that a man should not walk solitary on the eve of the fourth day of the week and on Shabbat eve, and that a man should be careful
[for on those time the externalities are very powerful]. We, on the other hand, said that on Shabbat eve all people are kept from prosecution, and we do not have to pray for safety.

BeRahamim LeHayyim: Why did the Ari and Chida include this section? What do they want us to learn?

The above Zohar grew out of a "kindness." At one time, the Sages conquered the Other Side. Completely. Upon the Other Side's begging, a Sage permitted it to raise its head and rule only twice a week: Tuesday night—after the last time we can say Havdalah for the complete departing of the prior Shabbat extra soul—and Friday night, when we are usually traveling in groups from the synagogue and spending the night in a warm home of light with loving family and superlative food, drink, and song. This appears to reveal the protective powers of Shabbat. "More than we have kept the Shabbat, the Shabbat has kept us Jews." Truly!

So from the Divine Spirit that assists us in birthing souls from the highest source, so too will this spirit help to protect us in our ways. IF AND ONLY IF we recognize it, taste it, savor it, share it, beautify it, etc. You get the message.

What does the above mean for your Shabbat, and why is it revealed to you now?

Bracketed annotations from Metok Midevash and Sulam commentaries
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