This expansion [of malchut], when holiness was added to that point [of malchut from the mentalities received from Abba and Imma], and blessings from above, everything became illuminated [from the extra spirituality received by Israel on Shabbat], and turned into a ruach shining from all sides – part of it turning up and shining, part of it turning down and shining. This is the meaning of "between Me and the children of Israel," (Ex. 31:16) meaning that together we [the Children of Israel and malchut] share portions and heritage [the spirit whose source is from Arich Anpin and which descends to malchut, and from there it illuminates, and half descends to Israel].

The upper portion
[that remains in malchut] is crowned on that day by the higher, holy pleasure and enjoys the supernal glow of the most Ancient [Arich Anpin where the spirit resides]. The lower portion [in Israel] is adorned on that day with the lower pleasure, by enjoying the [3 Shabbat] meals. Therefore one should delight it with food and drink, with respectable attire, and much joy.

When the lower portion is adorned and kept as it ought, it rises up high and joins the other portion
[which illuminates malchut]. And that point [of malchut], it receives everything, from the upper and the lower and is incorporated on all sides. And since it is adorned by Shabbat from above and from below, all the rest of the days (i.e. the intermediate sefirot) give power to all [to Israel and all the worlds], and [malchut] is given dominion above and below. And among the secrets of the book of King Solomon is this secret, and the holy luminary [Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai] established it. Happy is the portion of Israel.

BeRahamim LeHayyim: Why did the Ari and Chida include this section? What do they want us to learn?

Here we have a novel idea of what "between Me and the children of Israel" from the 'Veshameru' prayer means. There are actually 2 parts to the special ruach/spirit of Shabbat. There is a supernal part based on a higher faculty--"Between Me" —called "pleasure," and there is a lower part based on a lower faculty --"and the children of Israel"--too called "pleasure"; each corresponds to the other.

What is our job on Shabbat? Simple: we must indulge in physical delights for the sake of Shabbat's honor, Lechvod Shabbat Kodesh. In fact some say this with every bit of different food they eat on Shabbat. When the fish comes, Lechvod Shabbat Kodesh and then they eat. When the soup comes, Lechvod Shabbat Kodesh, and then they eat. When the chicken and meat comes, Lechvod Shabbat Kodesh, and then they eat. So too for desert and other treats. Saying this creates a special intention, an intention that the Zohar says permits the lower physical portion of the special Shabbat Spirit to receive a bath of exalted radiance from the supernal part. And this empowers every week day, since Shabbat is the source of blessing.

Imagine that. I can have my cake, and eat it too. I can be in the moment thoroughly enjoying the physical sensations in my mouth, and if I am too doing this with full presence that this is the special Shabbat, and I am eating it for Her sake, I can help to send a flow of energy to all the weekday eating and other activities. Such is the power of holy mindful eating, such is the power of Shabbat. Try it, you'll like it!

What does the above mean to you, and why is it being revealed to you now?

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