Each Shabbat eve when the children of Israel sanctify the day below [to receive the Shabbat] the proclamation goes out to the four corners of the world to assemble the holy camps [of angels who direct the weekdays] and prepare thrones. Who saw such joy, in 390 firmaments, many appointed ones and many rulers gather to their stations.

As soon as Israel below sanctify [and receive the Holiness of Shabbat], the Tree of Life [Zeir Anpin] is awakened and a wind blows from the World to Come [bina, who arouses Zeir Anpin to unite with malchut on Shabbat night] and beats at its leaves [the souls that are produced]. The branches [the sefirot] in the tree [Zeir Anpin] shake and exude fragrances from the World to Come.

The Tree of Life [Zeir Anpin] awakens and produces sanctified souls, and spreads [them] over the world. With all this, souls depart [from the Garden of Eden to descend into Israel in this world as additional souls] and souls [of the righteous] arise [from the lower Garden of Eden into the supernal Garden of Eden]. Those [that depart] arouse those [that enter]. Therefore, these leave and these ascend and the Tree of Life [Zeir Anpin] is joyful.

Then all of Israel are adorned with the crowns of these sanctified [additional] souls [of the aspect of Shabbat] and all are in happiness and rest. And all of the Shabbat, they enjoy that happiness and satisfaction. All the righteous ascend [and take pleasure in that uppermost pleasure of the World to Come]. When Shabbat ends, all the [additional] souls fly away and go up.

Come and see! When the Shabbat arrives, the souls come down to rest on a holy nation. And the souls of the righteous ascend [further] above. When the Shabbat ends, those souls that dwelt upon the children of Israel rise above and the souls of the righteous descend.

As soon as all the souls that dwelt on Israel have risen above, they rise and stand in form before the sanctified King. G‑d asks all of them, what new thought in the Torah have you had in that world? Praised is the one that says in His presence a new illumination in the Torah, as so much joy is produced by G‑d. He gathers His group and says, hear the new words of Torah which that soul of so-and-so is telling. All explain that point in the two Yeshivas [one of G‑d, and the other of Meta‑tron], those below and G‑d above sign on that item.

Come and see! When some novel interpretation in Torah is discovered and the additional soul that came down in Shabbat was involved in this novel interpretation of the Torah, and ascends higher above, the entire entourage above listens to that matter. The sanctified holy beasts are enlarged by their outstretched wings and put on their wings. But when He asks them [the souls] and they do not respond, but remain quiet, then it is written about the sanctified holy living creatures: "When they stood still, they let down their wings" (Ezekiel 1:25), as it says: "Because they stand there, and answer no more." (Job 32:16) "And when he opened it, all the people stood up." (Nehemiah 8:5)

BeRahamim LeHayyim: What does this mean to you, and why is it being revealed to you now?

Know how you feel when the proverbial light bulb goes on over your head? When you come up with a novel insight in Torah on Shabbat, That is no analogy, it really happens! For as we have learned, angels are created and nourished by our Torah study and new thoughts on Shabbat. That is one benefit from Shabbat rest from creative physical work—it frees up our mind to soar to spiritual heights and to experiment in mystical/mental tastings of the Torah.

Some of us wonder why we get these insights on Shabbat that we cannot achieve on the week days. It's an angel thing, as we learned. For just as every blade of grass has an angel commanding "Grow! Grow!", so too must every personal new thought of Torah send energy in a supernal direction. It this is not motivation to cut back on your Shabbat nap and pick up a Jewish book, I don't know what could be!

Bracketed annotations from Metok Midevash and Sulam commentaries
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