ZIVUG 2: This is Yaakov with Rachel. As is known, there are not as many dinim in Rachel as there are in Leah, (Eitz Chaim) and Yaakov is from the emanation of light from the mochin of Abba within Zeir Anpin. (Eitz Chaim, Shaar Zeir Anpin) Therefore, only the five chasadim and the five gevurot of Abba are in his yesod. The level of this yesod was Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi1, who organized the Mishnah, and whose students, Rebbe Chiya, Rebbe Oshia, Bar Kapora, Levi bar Sisi, Rebbe Chanina bar Chama, Rav and others like them, were the drops of chesed and gevura that came out of him.

ZIVUG 3: According to the ascending order of zivugim, this is Yaakov with Leah after chatzot, and even though Leah has dinim, after chatzot the dinim become sweetened. Furthermore, after chatzot, Yaakov extends to be the entire length of Zeir Anpin, which is not the case with the previous zivug of Yaakov and Rachel.

From the yesod of this zivug ten drops come out, five chasadim and five gevurot from Abba. Thus, with respect to these two zivugim, the second zivug of Yaakov and Rachel, and the third zivug of Yaakov and Leah after chatzot, there was no need for them [the souls rooted here] to be killed - since they were from the yesod of Yaakov from the side of Abba, divest of any dinim from Imma.

Also, within this third zivug there is another zivug, even though it was not written above, called 'kadruta d’tzafra' ['morning darkness' - dawn]. It has more mercy than chatzot since it is almost day at that time, when Yaakov and Leah return for another zivug, as mentioned in the Zohar. (Zohar II Shemot 10a)

From this zivug only two drops come out, one with five chasadim and one with five gevuros. They are more elevated than the ten drops that came out after chatsos, and together they total twelve drops.

Prior to chatzot, Yaakov and Leah protrude from the chest of Zeir Anpin upward, as in the case of zivug 5, which will be explained shortly. After chatzot, they stretch to the entire length of Zeir Anpin, and therefore the effect of the first yesod of Yaakov prior to chatzot remains, since Yaakov and Leah do not return back-to-back after chatzot. Because they remain face-to-face, and even extend their presence to the bottom [of Zeir Anpin], their effect is not canceled out.

There are ten other drops that come out of yesod before chatzot, though they don’t actually exit until after chatzot. There are also another two like this that come out at the time of kadruta d’tzafra, and they are included with the first ten drops, since they are on a higher level than the second ten drops.

Thus, within this third zivug there are four zivugim, though altogether they are considered only one zivug - from these come twenty-four drops. Each has its own yesod that extends out: two yesodot before chatzot and two after chatzot, and one is included in the other. So it is really all one yesod. At the end of this discussion, we will mention who these twenty-four drops were, and who was their teacher.

[Translation and commentary by Perets Auerbach.]