There are three levels [over the course of the Shabbat] and all of them are called Shabbat. These are: the supernal Shabbat [bina], Shabbat day [tiferet], and Shabbat night [malchut]. All of them together [for tiferet receives from bina and bestows to malchut] are called Shabbat, and when the time comes for one of them to rule, all the others are invited to rule with it. And when it is manifested in the world, all are invited to come be with it.

When the time of night [related to malchut] comes, it invites the Shabbat day [tiferet] to its palace, and they are both hidden [for tiferet is invested in malchut]. Once it [tiferet] comes [to malchut], the supernal Shabbat [bina] is drawn over it, and all of them are concealed in the palace of the night [related to malchut]. Therefore, the meal at night is more significant than the one during the Shabbat day.

When the time of day [tiferet] comes, it invites the other two, the supernal [bina] and the lower level [malchut] - the one [bina] which illuminates [tiferet] and the one [malchut] which is illuminated from it [tiferet]. All these three levels together are called 'Shabbat' and rule on the day of Shabbat, and they include and are the secrets of the whole Torah: The Written Torah, the Prophets and The Writings. And he who keeps the Shabbat keeps the whole Torah.

BeRahamim LeHayyim: What does the above mean to you, and why is it revealed to you now?

So Shabbat has multiple personalities. But She has no (G‑d forbid!) multiple personality disorders, for as we learned, She is one. And for us, She is a taste of the World to Come. We can sense the difference in the feelings at each Shabbat meal. The night: we feel like we have been both recreated as well as freed from the shackles of the week. The day: we are well rested and feel like we have received some higher learning. The afternoon: we are at our most connected and relaxed, and can sense the highest purpose of ceasing for the 25+ hours. Learn to relate to all of Her personalities and you will learn much about yourself. Guaranteed.

Bracketed annotations from Metok Midevash and Sulam commentaries
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