Rabbi Shimon said: the general rule is that just as there are ten crowns of faith Above [in Holiness, i.e. sefirot], so are there ten crowns of unclean sorcery [of the Other Side] below. All things on earth are connected either to one side [and are permissible to be eaten] or to the other [the impure animals and birds that are prohibited to be consumed].

You may ask about the goat [which is permissible to be eaten], in which an unclean spirit [whose source is kelipat Noga, containing both good and bad] dwells. This is not so, for if an unclean spirit dwelt in it, we would not have been permitted to eat it. They [the unclean spirits] pass through animals and appear before them [but do not dwell within them]. They do not dwell in them, for when they come to dwell in them another pure spirit passes by and [the impure spirits] depart from the animals. They manifest inside them in order to prosecute from within them, but they do not take possession of them. Therefore, such an animal is allowed to us as food [for it is considered as the good of the kelipat Noga].

Come and see: when they [the impure spirits] come to take possession of them [the goats], another spirit [from the side of good] passes. The unclean spirits raise their eyes to see the other spirit's identifying-marks and they depart from the animals - yet they are still in front of them. They [i.e. goats] are not forbidden to us for food.

In cattle, living creatures, birds and fish, signs of right [mercy] or left [judgment] are seen. We may eat whichever comes from the right, but we may not eat whichever comes from the left because all of them are in the level of uncleanness and all of them are unclean. An unclean spirit dwells in them. Therefore, the Divine Spirit of Israel must neither be mixed up with them nor be defiled by them, in order that Israel may remain holy and be recognized as such Above and below. Worthy is the portion of Israel, in that G‑d desires to purify them and sanctify them above all others, for they cling to Him.

Come and see: it is written, "Israel, in whom I will be glorified." (Isaiah 49:3) If G‑d is glorified by Israel, how can they defile themselves and cling to the side of uncleanness? Therefore, it is written: "you shall therefore sanctify yourselves, and you shall be holy: for I am holy," (Lev. 11:44) and, "you shall not make your souls abominable." (Lev. 20:25) He who is made in the image of the King [i.e. in G‑d's image] should not depart from His ways. Therefore, G‑d records for Israel all those [animals] which come from the side [of holiness, which may be eaten] and those which come from the Other Side [which are prohibited to be eaten]. Fortunate is the portion of Israel, of whom it is written: "All that see them shall recognize them, that they are the seed which G‑d has blessed." (Isaiah 61:9) Indeed, " G‑d has blessed" - He has blessed in every respect [in all our actions].

BeRahamim LeHayyim: What does the above mean to you, and why is it revealed to you now?

This is the secret of Kosher eating. It does not depend on the physical only, like food safety in avoiding pig [i.e. trichinosis], or avoiding shellfish [due to the danger of intestinal disease]. Or treif meat.

It depends on the spiritual source of the food, which we learn is that of Other Side. This requires a "leap of faith" to a suprarational source. A Hok LeYisrael/irrational statute for Israel. When one eats from the Other Side, one connectes oneself to that portion. When one eats from the side of Holiness, one connectes oneself to that portion. May we do what we can to bring upon ourselves more light in one's own special path pursuant to the voice of G‑d that is whispering in each ear.

Bracketed annotations from Metok Midevash and Sulam commentaries
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