We have learned that on this [Sabbath] day with which the Torah is crowned, it is crowned with everything. With all these commandments, with all these decrees and punishments, and with seventy branches of light [seventy branches ('anfin') is a play on seventy faces ('anpin') of Torah] which illuminate from every side. Who can see the branches of light which emanate from each branch? [Each of those seventy branches includes hundreds and thousands of additional offshoots of lights.]

Five [pillars: chesed, gevura, netzach, hod, and yesod, corresponding to the five books of Torah] exist within the tree [of Zeir Anpin], all the branches are connected with it. Who ever saw all those gates which open [on Shabbat] to each and every side[of the six "ends" of Zeir Anpin]! These [gates] all shine and glow by that never-ending flow of light [of bina].

A voice proclaims: Awaken, supernal saints! [referring to Israel as in Daniel (7:18)] Awaken, holy people chosen from Above and from below! Raise joy before your Master! Awaken in perfect joy! Prepare yourselves in the three-fold joy of the three Forefathers [i.e. the three Shabbat meals, corresponding to the three Patriarchs and their respective sefirot: chesed, gevura, tiferet]! Prepare yourselves for the faith, the joy of all joys! Fortunate is your portion, holy Israel, in this world and in the World to Come! This [Shabbat] is your inheritance over that of all other nations. Thus, it is written: "between Me and the children of Israel" [i.e. Shabbat gives Israel an exclusive relationship with G‑d.]

BeRahamim LeHayyim: Why did the Ari and Chida include this section? What do they want us to learn?

Torah and Shabbat. Shabbat and Torah. Intimately connected, intrinsically bonded, inherently linked, forever. The Tree of Life is for those w ho hold fast to it, and all of Her supporters are happy. So too are those who make Shabbat a delight by honoring it, by not engaging in their own affairs, and by speaking words of Torah. Our promised reward is — joy in this world and a portion of the World to Come.

What does this mean to you?

Bracketed annotations from Metok Midevash and Sulam commentaries
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