Come and see: on all six days of the week, when the hour of the Afternoon Prayer arrives, harsh judgment rules and all chastisements are aroused. But on Shabbat, at the time of the Afternoon Prayer, the will of all wills [Ratzon] is present, and Atika Kadisha shows goodwill, and all the judgments rest, and gladness and joy are everywhere.

In this time of goodwill [on Shabbat afternoon], Moses, the holy faithful prophet, passed away from this world, in order that it should be known that he was not taken away through [the aspect of] judgment. At that hour of arousal of goodwill of Atika Kadisha, his soul departed and was treasured by Him. Therefore, it is written: "No man knows his grave". (Deut. 34:6) Just as Atika Kadisha is the most hidden of all, whom neither those Above nor those below can comprehend, so this soul was hidden in [the chamber of] this goodwill [of Atika Kadisha] which is aroused at the hour of Shabbat Afternoon Prayer. This soul of which it is written: "No man knows his grave," is the most hidden of all hidden things in the world, and judgment does not rule over it. Fortunate is the portion of Moses.

BeRahamim LeHayyim: The highest time of Shabbat is not on Friday night's kiddush. Nor is it at the Torah reading in the morning. Nor eating cholent later.

It is indisputably at Shabbat Afternoon Prayer, the most favored time of the week. Instead of luxuriating in this moment of splendor, we end up sometimes wishing for three stars to come out. It is a time when "all the judgments rest, and gladness and joy are everywhere." How can we connect to this sacred energy, and ride this wave of bliss? Our internal Moses knows the answer; it is for us to unlock our own personal access number.

What does the above mean to you? How can it help improve your Shabbat?

Bracketed annotations from Metok Midevash and Sulam commentaries
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