And these are the generations of Isaac..." (Gen. 25:19) Rabbi Chiya began [his discourse by explaining the verse] and he quoted: "Who can utter the mighty acts of G‑d? Who can declare all His praise?". (Psalms 106:2) Come and see! When G‑d wished to create the world, He gazed into the Torah and every act that G‑d used to create the world was done [through the letters of] the Torah. This is the meaning of: "then I [the Torah] was by Him as a nursling, and I was daily His delight". (Proverbs 8:30) Do not pronounce it as "a nursling" [in Hebrew, 'amon'] but rather 'a craftsman' [in Hebrew, 'oman'].

When He wanted to create man, the Torah said to Him: 'If man is created, he will sin, and You will punish him. Would not Your handwork then be in vain? After all, he will not be able to endure the judgment and punishment.' G‑d replied: 'I created teshuvah before I created the world. When G‑d created the world and created Adam, He said to it: 'World, world, you and your nature [and your existence] are based solely upon the Torah, and for that reason I created man in you, to be occupied with the study of the Torah. And if he does not study, I will return you to chaos and desolation. Everything is for man.' This is the meaning of the verse: "I have made the earth, and created man [to rule] upon it". (Isaiah 45:12) The Torah proclaims to men to be occupied with and endeavor in the study of the Torah, but no one lends an ear [to listen to the voice of Torah].

Come and see! Whoever studies the Torah sustains the world and properly sustains the world and each act in particular. There is no limb within man that does not have a counterpart creation in the world. Just as the body of man is composed of levels of parts [248 organs in total] that act together to form a unified body, so is the world [composed of 248 parts. Unfortunately, through our sins we lose much Wisdom, and we cannot see supernal connections to our physical bodies. When we engage in Torah study, this helps blessing flow down to the world both in general and in particular.]

All the creatures in the world are hierarchical parts that act on and react with each other, so they will truly be as one body. Everything [whether man or the world] resembles the Torah, because the Torah is made of different parts and sections that support each other. When they are all correct, they will become as one body. When David looked at this work [of creation], he said: "G‑d, how manifold are your works! In wisdom You have made them all, the earth is full of Your creations". (Psalms 104:24)

The Torah contains supernal, sealed mysteries that man cannot grasp; it contains all supernal matters — those revealed and those not revealed. The Torah contains all the matters Above and below. Everything in this world and everything in the world to come is in the Torah but there is no one to observe and understand them. Thus, it is written, "Who can utter the mighty acts of G‑d? Who can declare all His praise?". (Psalms 106:2)

BeRahamim LeHayyim: Why did the Ari and Chida include this and what do they want us to learn?

Again we are taught the importance of Torah connections. Be confident that at whatever level you are learning, major league work is taking place both Above and below. Below, in that you are learning how this world works. Above, in that you are partnering with G‑d in the workings of Creation. you are also — believe it or not — studying in some spiritual place well removed from this physical realm. We will return to this subject frequently. Let it be an incentive to spur you on to higher contemplation.

What does the above mean to YOU?! Why is this text being revealed to you right NOW?!

Bracketed annotations from Metok Midevash and Sulam commentaries
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