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Va'eira 5777
Vol. 13 No.17, 24 Tevet - 1 Shevat, 5777 / January 22 - 28, 2017
A note from the staff of Kabbalah Online in Tzefat
Sunday is the yahrzeit of Rabbi Shneur Zalman, the founder of the Chabad-Chasidic school of Jewish mysticism and the first Chabad Rebbe.
The first article this week spotlights some of his deep thought, while the last - a story - illuminates his personality.
This Shabbat will be Rosh Chodesh, the first of the Jewish month of Shevat.
The third article discusses this convergence.
Articles 4-5 relate to meditations on Divine Names, a main theme in the Weekly Reading.
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 The Shabbat
Our Super Shabbat Soul

The additional soul we receive on Shabbat is an expression of a higher love for G-d.
 Weekly Torah Reading
The Exile of Ishmael — Based on Zohar Shemot 32A

 Rosh Chodesh [New Moon Day]
Moonlight Illuminations

Every Rosh Chodesh [New Moon Day] brings a unique new spiritual light.
 Divine Names
Tree Trunk Tetragrammaton

Kabbalah teaches that to understand G‑d's unity, one must understand His Divine Names.
 Weekly Torah Reading
Miracles vs. Infinity

When a new light is to come into the universe, it takes additional work on the part of the Jews to make themselves and the world ready.
Like Frogs Jumping into Dough

Only in the merit of Shabbat were the Israelites permitted to serve G‑d with self-sacrifice
 Mystic Story
Door on the East

The 24th of Tevet is the yahrzeit of Rabbi Shneur Zalman.
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