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Masei 5774
Vol. 10 No. 46, 22 - 28 Tamuz, 5774 / July 20 - 26, 2014

A note from the staff of Kabbalah Online in Tzefat
This week is the yahrzeit of the great kabbalist of Tzefat
RABBI MOSHE CORDEVERO, predecessor and teacher of the Holy Ari --
see the first three articles.
These are followed by another article for the Three Weeks of Mourning.
For the soul elevation of Mrs Ella (bat Eliyahu HaLevi) Tilles, whose 18th yahrzeit falls on 22 Tammuz (Sunday, July 20)
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 Other Safed Kabbalists
Rabbi Moshe Cordovero

His work is called Paradise.
 Daily Activities
Deeds of Loving Kindness

Meditate on loving-kindness throughout your daily activities.
 Jewish Meditation
Soul Meditation

Linking one's awareness to the Divine, in prayer
 Three Weeks of Mourning
Out of the Ashes

While mourning for the Temple, it is upon us to transform darkness into light.
 Weekly Torah Reading
Soul Journeys

Each person has his mission to accomplish on his life journey.
Improvement Stations

The purpose of these journeys was to weaken those forces which oppose holiness.
 Mystic Story
How to Be in Exile

“If you are hungry, ask no man for money or for food. But if people offer you something out of compassion, you may accept it.”

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