This year we will not fast on Tisha b'Av! — the day commemorating
the destruction of the Holy Temples in Jerusalem (articles #3-5) --
that's because it falls on Shabbat, so the fast is postponed until
sunset on Shabbat Day. It continues until we make Havdala on Sunday

The 5th of Av (Monday night - Tuesday) is the 443rd "Hilula"
(yahrzeit celebration) of the Holy Ari, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria,
greatest of the Tzefat Kabbalists (articles 1-3)--
Join KabbalaOnline in Tzefat at ASCENT, and thousands of others all
around the town for the annual pilgrimage and Tzefat celebration.

The last three (#5-7) relate to Devorim, the first Weekly Reading
in the fifth of the "Five Books of Moses."