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Week of Lech Lecha 5778
Vol. 14 No. 6, 2 - 8 MarCheshvan 5778 / Oct. 22 - 28, 2017
A note from the staff of Kabbalah Online in Tzefat
Thursday night is already the 7th of Cheshvan on the Jewish calendar, when we Jews here in Israel begin the prayers for rain in the Holy Land. (Abroad, not until December 5);
This signifies our [final] return to everyday life after the "month of festivals."
The last four of this issue's seven articles directly relate to the weekly Torah reading.
to dedicated Ascent-of-Safed (mother organization of Kabbalaonline,org) workers,
Mordechai ("Big Mo") Siev and Sima-Devorah Tibor,
who will marry each other in Tzefat on Sunday, 2nd of Mar-Cheshvan (Oct. 22).
May you have many happy decades together.
--The Staffs
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 Weekday Prayers
Returning Fallen Sparks

Strange thoughts during prayer are just begging to be rectified.
 The Good of the Land
Advantages of Being in Israel — Chapter Five, Part 2

The closer one's connection to the Land, the greater the benefits
FAQ: Kabbala Basics - 1

 Weekly Torah Reading
Floodwaters of Wisdom

The wellsprings of spiritual knowledge are not always easily found.
Leaving Home

Abraham could not reach his potential outside the Land of Israel.
On the Road

Forward-thinking is the key to a happy future.
 Mystic Story
Think Before You Speak

To separate from the Baal Shem Tov was very hard, but the joy was that he was moving to the Holy Land.
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