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The Torah Concept of Reincarnation
Our souls impact several levels of spiritual worlds.
Why is it so difficult to relate to...spirituality?
Reincarnation may be necessary to complete rectification of all aspects of each level of the soul
It is not sufficient to only rectify the particular spot to which his soul is connected.
A review of Chapter One so far...with ambiguities
Each level of soul must go through the same process needed to complete a partzuf: ibur, yenika, mochin.
Ascent is different in the world of Asiya because of the kelipot - Husks
Causing the soul to ascend, and avoiding perils
Intro to "ibur" – the soul of a tzadik coming to “impregnate” souls of normal people
The fundamental deep structure of malchut as opposed to the structures of the higher sefirot
A Ruach or Neshama may attach to the Nefesh of a convert
How a convert can help a wandering soul.
A chart to help illustrate the relationships among the stages of development
What if one does not completely rectify his Nefesh in the first incarnation?
When the nefesh is rectified, but not the ruach, the process of reincarnation may develop in one of the two ways
Reincarnation of a second soul into a living body.
Reincarnations of completely rectified souls of the righteous
A tzadik can reincarnate into a living person and they will both benefit.
Although the roots of the souls always remain in their place, their positions & magnitudes can be on other levels.