Adam, 1-930 (3760-2831 BCE)

Chanoch [Enoch] and Metatro'n, 622-987 (3137-2774 BCE)

Noah, 1056-2006 (2705-1755 BCE)

Abraham, 1948-2123 (1813 - 1638 BCE)

Isaac, 2048-2228 (1713-1533 BCE)

Jacob, 2108-2255 (1653-1506 BCE)

Levi, c. 2196?-2333 (1564-1427 BCE)

Joseph, 2199-2309 (1562-1452 BCE)

Kehat, 2235-2368 (1525-1392 BCE)

Amram, 2250-2391? (1510-1367? BCE)

Biblical Prophecy and Mystical Experiences

Moses, 2368-2488 (1393-1273 BCE) Burning bush - 2447 (1314 BCE); Receiving the Torah -2448 (1313 BCE); Moses teaches the Torah to the 70 elders and to Joshua, Elazar and Pinchas; Directed the Exodus from Egypt; Received the Torah for the Jewish People.

Betzalel, 2436- ? (1384- ?) Used permutations of G‑d's names to build the Tabernacle - completed 2449 (1312 BCE).

Joshua, 2406-2516 (1354-1245 BCE). Received authority from Moses.

Elazar, Pinchas and other Elders through the era of the Shoftim (Judges) Received from Moses and Joshua. Samson was the 14th Judge. He judged until 2831.

Eli, 2772-2870 (988-890 BCE) Received from the Elders and from Pinchas.

Samuel the Prophet, 2830-2882 (931-878 BCE) Received from Eli and his court.

David, 2854-2924 (906-836 BCE) King of Israel. Received from Samuel the Prophet and his court.

Solomon, 2854-2964 (906-797 BCE) Son of David, king of Israel. Built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Achiya HaShiloni, 2380-2964 Received from David and his court.

Elijah began prophesying in 2962 (798 BCE). He received from Achiya HaShiloni and his court.

Elisha began prophesying in 3043 (717 BCE). He received from Elijah and his court.

Yehoyada HaKohen began prophesying in 3055 (705 BCE). He received from Elisha and his court.

Zechariah began prophesying in 3070 (690 BCE). He received from Yehoyada and his court

Hoshea began prophesying in 3090 (670 BCE). He received from Zechariah and his court.

Amos began prophesying in 3110 (650 BCE). He received from Hoshea and his court.

Isaiah began prophesying in 3140 (620 BCE). He received from Amos and his court.

Micah began prophesying in 3160 (600 BCE). He received from Isaiah and his court.

Joel began prophesying in 3190 (570 BCE). He received from Micah and his court.

Nachum began prophesying in 3240 (520 BCE). He received from Joel and his court.

Habakkuk began prophesying in 3254 (506 BCE). He received from Nachum and his court.

Zephaniah began prophesying in 3280 (480 BCE). He received from Habakkuk and his court.

Jeremiah began prophesying in 3298 (463 BCE). He received from Zephaniah and his court.

Ezekiel began prophesying in 3332 (429 BCE). He saw the Merkava (or the "Chariot", a manifestation of G‑dliness in the world of Yetzira) in a prophetic vision.

Second Beit Hamikdash (Second Beit Hamikdash completed in 3412 - 349 BCE).

Baruch ben Neriah d. 3413 (348 BCE) He received from Jeremiah and his court.

Ezra d. 3448 (313 BCE) He and his court, Men of the Great Assembly (Anshei Knesset HaGedola) received from Baruch ben Neriah and his court. (The Anshei Knesset HaGedola comprised 120 sages included Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Daniel, Chananya, Nehemiah ben Chachalya, Mordechai, Zerubavel and many others.

Shimon HaTzaddik d. 3488 (273 BCE) Was the last member of the Anshei Knesset HaGedola. He received from the members of the Anshei Knesset HaGedola.

Ben Sira c. 3488 (273 BCE) According to A. Kaplan, Sefer Yetzirah Intro. P. xiv-xv, possibly a son of Jeremiah the Prophet. Wrote aphorisms and mystical insights in the early Second Temple era in a book called "Wisdom of Sira."

Antigonos of Socho d. circa 3530 (231 BCE) He and his court received from Shimon HaTzaddik and his court.

Yose ben Yo'ezer of Tzraidah d. 3610 (151 BCE) and Yosef ben Yochanan of Jerusalem. The former was appointed as President (Nasi) of the Sanhedrin in 3550 (211 BCE), and the latter its leading rabbi. They and their court received from Antigonos and his court.

Yehoshua ben Prachya and Nittai HaArbeli and their courts. The former was appointed as Nasi of the Sanhedrin in 3610 (151 BCE). They and their court received from Yose and Yosef and their court.

Choni HaMa'agal famous miracle worker. He would draw a circle around himself, hence his name. He lived during the reign of Yehoshua ben Prachya and Nittai HaArbeli.

Yehuda ben Tabbai and Shimon ben Shatach and their courts received from Yehoshua and Nittai. Shimon ben Shatach became the rabbinical head of the Sanhedrin in 3688 (73 BCE).

Shmaya and Avtalyon and their court received from Yehuda and Shimon. They became Nasi and head of the Sanhedrin, respectively, in 3686 (75 BCE).

Hillel and Shammai and their court received from Shmaya and Avtalyon and their court. Hillel became the leading rabbinical figure in 3729 (32 BCE). Hillel and Shammai began the Talmudic era.

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