Look deeply into your unique individual purpose in this world.
Investigate your own personal guide and roadmap through life
by accessing the wisdom revealed by your Hebrew date of birth and your name

Kabbalists give great weight to birthdays because the birth date provides significant insight into the cosmic forces at work at the time of birth.

Personal Torah Codes decipher information hidden within the text of the Torah. There is a longstanding Jewish tradition that every name of everyone that ever lived, lives or ever will live is encoded in the Torah.

In our time, modern statistical methods and computers have enabled even greater ability to discover your personal path, purpose and mission. Using Jewish tradition, this package will decode and unwrap your G‑d-given gifts for use in your everyday life.

Ascent of Safed will find your name encoded in the Torah portion of the week you were born. The wisdom in those verses in which the letters of your name appear becomes the bridge to discover your unique place in the world.

There are 2 options for this gift
The Basic option includes:

  • The meaning and/or origin of your name
  • A secret to avoid punishment in the Heavenly Courts
  • Your own Jewish (i.e. true!) birthday
  • Historical events or Kabbalistic teaching of that Jewish date
  • Your Kabbalistic Torah Code

The Deluxe option includes, in addition:

  • The significance of your Hebrew birth month
  • Summary of the Torah Reading of the week of your birth

This beautiful gift can be sent by email or arrive packaged (for an additional fee: in a high quality faux leather case designed for long-lasting beauty). 

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