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Magic at Dinner Time
The Zohar
The Zohar teaches that "Gadol" refers to the sefira of chesed; a person is only as important as the amount of kindness that he does and the sefira of chochma, directly above chesed, releases its bounty only to a person who has refined this quality.
Dinner Table's Divine Dimension - Part 1
The Holy Ari
The Zohar explains that eating and drinking bolster a person's material orientation by their nature, desensitizing him to spirituality and experience of divinity. The collective power of the three individual's divine souls and the positive energy generated by their camaraderie overcomes the negative power of evil.
The Greatness of Humility
Mystical Classics
The more understanding one gains of the greatness of G-d, the more one becomes aware of one's own insignificance. Therefore, it is natural that Moses is described as the most humble man who ever lived, for he had acquired more insights into the workings of G-d and of the universe on all levels that anyone before or after him.
Not by Bread Alone
Chasidic Masters
"… not from bread alone does man live, but by everything that comes from the mouth of G‑d."

We live not by the food itself, but by the G‑dly sparks inside the food. Humans, even though we are higher than the food we eat, live from the spirituality in the food when it is returned to its source above us.
The Great and Awesome Desert
Contemporary Kabbalists
The Jewish people’s desert trek was a forerunner and metaphor of the existential state of exile, which is followed by the redemption and entry into the Promised Land. The Torah here describes the stages through which both the people as a whole can descend into their collective exile and we as individuals can descend into our own personal exiles.
Don't Tread On Me
Ascent Lights
"And behold, following (in Hebrew, "ekev") the edicts which you heard..."

Rashi explains that the word "ekev" literally means "heel". It is our job to be careful with all of the mitzvahs, even the easy ones, so that our whole bodies - from head to heel - are serving G-d.
Under the Full Moon
Mystic Story
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