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Princely Offerings
The Zohar
"And G-d said to Moses, 'They shall offer their offering, each prince on his day, for the dedicating of the altar.'"

The Zohar teaches that each of the offerings brought by the respective tribes was meant to invoke a specific spiritual force in the higher worlds, relating to the 12 permutations the Name of G-d. When these 12 princes of Israel brought their offerings, they took the power of dominion from the 12 princes of Ishmael, and the world became able to stand up against them.
Sexuality and the Suspicious Spirit
The Holy Ari
Yesod is associated anatomically with the male sexual organ; the Zohar writes about yesod: "Then, a righteous one dons jealousy…." Hence, we have a direct connection between the sefira of yesod, i.e. sexuality, and the idea of righteous jealousy.
Holy Earth
Mystical Classics
This man has to bring his wife to the priest….

The Torah commanded the priest to examine the suspected adulteress in a place where G-d resides in order to use earth from the floor of the Holy Temple as well as waters found in its sacred precincts, for proximity to the Shechinah lends them both awareness of their Creator.
Kabbalistic Hair Styles
Chasidic Masters
A nazirite is prohibited to cut his hair. The Chasidic masters teach that hairs act as "straws" transmitting profound and inaccessible energy. Each strand of hair, shaped like a straw, communicates a level of soul-energy that due to its intensity cannot be communicated directly, only through the "straw" of hair, through the contracted, and curtailed medium of hair, which dilutes the intense energy.
The Reward of Innocence
Contemporary Kabbalists
When we sin against G-d, we should not think that we are lost and cannot return or that G-d has forsaken us. Rather, we must remember that even when we sinned, the Divine soul within us remained faithful to God. Our relationship with God can be reinstated and even improve, with greater depth and permanence.
Sanctifying the Permitted
Ascent Lights
A Jew is empowered to act according to rules and standards of the Torah in all aspects of life. As Shavuot approaches, let each of us make a resolution to take some part of our lives in which until now the world dictated how we were to behave, and imbue it with the light of Torah, allowing us to elevate it and make it holy.
Samson’s Mother
Mystic Story
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