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Purifying Adam
The Zohar
Although such a person has rectified everything that he can, there may still remain a small quantity of spiritual waste that causes a supernatural infection in his outermost levels - his skin. Thus can a person on such a high spiritual level become struck with leprosy.
Cleansing Soul Garments
Mystical Classics
Clothing represents acquired characteristics. Until such garments, i.e. characteristics, have been "washed", the total rehabilitation of the metzora has not been completed. His subsequent return to "the camp" is also a reference to the "higher" world to which the soul has now been restored.
Eating Humble Pie
Chasidic Masters
Leprosy came as a punishment for arrogance. Cedar, which is tall and stately and symbolizes pride, taught the leper the proper way of humility. Humility and submission do not require that the body be bent over in the process; of paramount importance is inner humility and acceptance.
The Holy Leper
Contemporary Kabbalists
If a person [in Hebrew, 'adam'] will have in his skin a white spot…"

The "adam-person" is a complete person who has perfected all of his deeds, although he can nevertheless contain some "waste" that is in need of refinement. But this "waste" is only in the skin of his flesh, i.e. the lowest and most external aspect of his self.
Spiritual Repairmen
Ascent Lights
One of the priests' tasks was to determine if a sign on a person, garment, or house was, in fact, tzaraat, a spiritual type of leprosy, or if it was pure. Rebbe Michel of Zlodotchov writes that the priests' involvement is a hint about the perfectly righteous in each generation, whose purpose it is to direct us toward better paths of closeness to G-d.
Speaking Up
Speaking Up
Mystic Story
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