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Shadows and Soul Mates
The Zohar
When the soul descends from the treasury of souls in malchut of Atzilut to enter into this world in the body of a person, it first descends to the Garden of Eden. It sees the honor of the spirits of the righteous that stand, row upon row, and sees the extent of their reward. Next, it goes to Gehinom to see the punishment of the wicked and that no mercy is shown them.
Healing Swollen Ego
The Holy Ari
Eve did not have a menstrual cycle, and the process of conceiving and giving birth did not involve any bleeding. Both resulted from her disobeying G-d's command. By experiencing and properly dealing with these phenomena, mankind should ideally undergo a spiritual maturation process that will eventually lead to the final Redemption.
Birth-Pangs of the Messianic Era
The Final Redemption will come via our merits.
Due to the inadequacy of the Jewish people at the time of the Exodus, it is described as G-d's wrenching one people from the midst of the same people. It was thus difficult to justify and did not endure, ending in the Temple's destruction. This is not true of the redemption of the Future which will occur as a direct result of Israel's merits.
Kosher Indicators
Chasidic Masters
Birds have internal kashrut indicators as well as external - both the extra toe on the outside and the peelable crop/stomach on the inside. Likewise, we require a faithful and contrite heart on the inside -being open to the path of G-d, and we need to also look Jewish on the outside, just as our ancestors merited to leave Egypt by preserving their Jewish clothes, language, and names.
Keys to Holiness
The principle aspect of the Redemption is divine light being revealed from Above.
The Talmud tells that three heavenly keys - to rain, childbirth, and revival of the dead - are not given over to an emissary, but are in G-d's hands alone. Because of the power of pregnancy and birth to which G-d controls the key, impurities are kept out until the baby is born. Once the pregnancy ends and the holiness leaves, impure energies are also aroused.
Speaking Up
Speaking Up
The Seer of Lublin could only see so far….
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