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Abraham's Presents to the East
The Zohar
The ancient children of the East inherited the wisdom based on the names of the unholy side that Abraham sent with the sons of his concubines when he sent them eastward to India, away from his son Isaac.
Knowing You from Adam
Mystical Classics
Rabbi Shimon said that when Abraham entered the cave of Machpela to bury Sarah, Adam and Eve did not want to remain buried in there. They complained they needn't suffer any additional shame upon constantly facing a pair of people so much better than them, who hadn't brought sin into the world as they had. Abraham replied that he would pray to G-d on their behalf so G-d would forgive their sin.
Twelve Princes
Chasidic Masters
The Torah records Ishmael's 12 sons, who all became princes and fathers of Ishmaelite nations, and list them in three groups and in three separate verses. These names represent Ishmael's 12-step program toward living a healthy and well-balanced life, covering the three primary components of life: health, relationships and work.
The Complete Joy of Sarah
Contemporary Kabbalists
Sarah remained selfless even while experiencing otherness. This allowed her to "descend" to Egypt and "ascend" unscathed. Not only is she not adversely affected by the impurity of Egypt, she and Abraham manage to leave there heavy with cattle, silver and gold - an allusion to the sparks of holiness that they had elevated through their descent.
Sarah, Then and Now
Ascent Lights
Sarah was a strong, self-confident woman, spiritual teacher and leader, gifted with prophetic vision and clarity, even beyond that of her prophet husband, Abraham. We are all blessed with the potential for this level of humility and relationship with G-d as our inheritance from Sarah.
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