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Delight Below, Delight Above
The Zohar
The Zohar teaches that every action in this world causes a similar reaction in the higher spiritual realities; as priests, upon whom such immense responsibility lies for drawing down spiritual sustenance, the blemish of torn clothes, unkempt hair, and mournful manner would render inoperative their ability to manifest G-d's benevolence for the world.
Turning the Tables
Mystical Classics
Emek Ha-Beracha states that a heavenly sanctity rests on foods which are pure and permitted. Thus consumption of these foods confers upon the person eating them some of the spirit of purity and holiness resting on them. Nowadays, when we do not have a Temple and an altar, it is our tables which serve as the instrument for our atonement.
The Leviathan and the Wild Bull
Chasidic Masters
The Midrash on our this week's Torah portion describes a match that will take place in the Messianic era between the Leviathan (an enormous fish) - representing our efforts to "attach" ourselves to G-d, and the Wild Bull - representing the elevation of the physical world.
The Carnivorous and the Kind
Contemporary Kabbalists
The two signs of kosher animals signify peaceful traits worth emulating. Rumination addresses the inner life of one's heart and mind. Split hooves parallel man's physical actions. To create a complete human, both of these aspects - the theoretical and the practical - must be kosher.
Beyond Worldly Revelations
Ascent Lights
Even though our efforts are limited by our natural strengths, nevertheless, when we invest ourselves completely in our effort (related to the concept of "seven"), we will cause to shine down on us a level of holiness without limitation and higher than nature (related to "eight").
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