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Consuming Fire of Loving-kindness
The Zohar
The priest, from the side of chesed, set up the fire on the Altar and make it flare up in the early morning each day, the time the side of chesed reigns in the world. This perfumes the world and the judgments will be subjugated and will not awaken.
Extra Attention
Mystical Classics
The burnt offering has been discussed previously. By mentioning the basic procedure once more, the Torah is expressing that extra care be taken with the performance of all regulations pertaining to sacrifices.
Feeding the Flame
Chasidic Masters
"A constant fire shall burn upon the altar..."

The altar is symbolic of the human heart. For the human heart to live deeply, it needs to be on fire, passionate, aflame. We must maintain the spiritual flame and inspiration in our own inner altar on a daily basis.
Four Spiritual Dangers
Contemporary Kabbalists
If we recover from all four of those dangers requiring a thanksgiving offering brought to the holy Temple— by not drowning in the sea of chochma, by progressing to the 50th gate of understanding, by manifesting the emotions born of our intellect, and by communicating our inspiration to others—we thereby rectify our entire complement of soul-powers.
Offering from Within
Ascent Lights
The Hebrew word for "offering" is "korban", which means coming closer, referring to the drawing closer of man to his Creator. The entire concept of offerings is that we must continuously attempt to come closer to G-d.
Redeemed in the Present Tense
Mystic Story
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