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Week of Shelach 5777
Vol. 13 No. 37, 17 - 23 Sivan, 5777 / June 11 - 17, 2017
A note from the staff of Kabbalah Online in Tzefat
The Torah reading Shelach is built around the sad rejection of the Jewish people in the desert to "making aliyah" to the Promised Land;
the antidote is to arouse in ourselves love and fondness for the Land and for life in it.
(See articles: The Land, Chapter 3/sections 3-7)
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 Tuv Ha'aretz
The Problem of Sinning in the Land — Chapter Six, Part 2

Presence in the Holy Land demands an increased level of piety.
 Love & Marriage
Forty in the Mikvah

The embryo takes forty days to attain recognizable human form.
 Laws & Customs
Praying At Holy Gravesites

Praying at gravesites is an ancient and widespread Jewish practice
 Weekly Torah Reading
A Positive Perspective

We are all tested to see the positive aspects of any given situation
Spying Out the Land and Our Selves

G-d wants our active participation in our redemption.
Positive Vision

We must be careful how we view things, or interpret them, as our very ‘seeing’ affects the quality of that thing.
 Mystic Story
Chasidic Love of the Land of Israel

At the expense of great travail and even life itself, many chasidic rebbes sought to support the Holy Land.
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