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Week of SHAVUOT/Naso 5777
Vol. 13 No. 35, 3 - 9 Sivan, 5777 / May 28 - June 3, 2017
A note from the staff of Kabbalah Online in Tzefat
Welcome to our special Shavuot issue

The first four articles and the story (#7) are about the holiday, from a variety of perspectives
including a deep idea from the Zohar made accessible for our dear readers.

The 5th article, also from the Zohar, reveals secrets about the special blessing of the Kohanim (the text of which is in this week's reading), which outside of Israel takes place only on the festivals.
MAZALTOV! to Yehuda & Shayna Tilles on the birth of a son
on Thursday, 29 Iyar (May 25), one hour before sunset.
May they raise him to a life filled with
Torah, a fine marriage, and abundant good deeds.

For the soul elevation of Meir-Nissim ben Masoud Abehsera
on the occasion of the third yahrzeit, Sivan 8 5777 (2017: June 2)
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 Festival of Shavuot
A Sight to Behold

Sweetness, light and joy at the receiving of the Torah
Pray on Shavuot with Energy!

Chassidim stress the importance of intense concentration during Shavuot prayers.
Hearing Truth and Seeing Light

Jacob’s ladder reaches up through the worlds to the Infinite Light. It’s a multi-millennial journey with milestones along the way
Festivals: Right, Left & Center

The Zohar teaches that Shavuot unites the holiness of the other holidays.
 Weekly Torah Reading
The Secret of the Ten Fingers

One must be careful to direct the great spiritual potential invested in one's hands.
Offerings and Intentions

The twelve tribes personify the twelve archetypal approaches to forging a Jewish relationship with G-d and fulfilling our purpose on earth
 Mystic Story
Holiday Preparations

A tale of how a great Kabbalist acquired a guest for Shavuot.
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