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The Saba & Reincarnation of the Soul

The Saba & Reincarnation of the Soul

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Translation and commentary by Moshe Miller.

The laws of Hebrew slaves reveal secrets of transmigrations of the soul.
A holy soul cannot be reborn as one of the pious of the nations
Certain souls are destined for wickedness not because of any sin they may have committed
Sometimes the souls of tzadikim descend to reveal secrets to the very pious…
The laws of 'The daughter of a Kohen' in the Torah refer to the supernal soul.
The real purpose of gilgul is to destroy the forces of impurity and unholiness
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Rachel Portland, OR March 23, 2011

Powerful. Finally it all makes sense! Our purpose is clear. I am so happy to have been permitted to read this. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Reply

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