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...when your soul does not feel the honor of the one who honors you



A Prerequisite to Meditation

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...when your soul does not feel the honor of the one who honors you

Behold, after a person is worthy of the secret of deveikut [bonding with G‑d] one may become worthy of the secret of hishtavut [equanimity]. If a person is worthy of attaining equanimity, one may become worthy of attaining hitbodidut [meditation]. After a person is worthy of reaching the level of meditation, one may become worthy of Divine inspiration, and then one may become worthy of prophecy….

Of two persons - one of them honors you and the second insults you - are they equal in your eyes?

In explanation of the secret of equanimity, Rabbi Avner told me the following: A rabbi once came to one of the meditative Kabbalists and requested of him to be accepted as an initiate. The Master said to him, "Blessed are you my son to G‑d, for your intention is a good one. However, tell me whether you have attained equanimity or not?" The rabbi said to him, "Master, explain your words." The Master replied, "If there are two persons - one of them honors you and the second insults you - are they equal in your eyes or not?" The rabbi said to the Master, "No my master. For I feel pleasure and satisfaction from the person who honors me, and pain from the one who insults me. But I do not take revenge nor bear a grudge."

The Master said to the rabbi, "My son, go in peace. For until such time that you have attained equanimity, until your soul does not feel the honor of the one who honors you and the embarrassment of the one who insults you, your consciousness is not ready to be connected to the supernal realm, which is a prerequisite to meditation. So go and surrender your heart even more, a true surrendering, until you have attained equanimity. Then you will be able to meditate."

And equanimity comes by attaching one's consciousness to G‑d, i.e., deveikut (bonding). For it is the attachment of a person's consciousness to G‑d that enables a person to ignore the honor or the insults…

[Gates of Holiness, 4th chapter, Third Gate, section 5]

Rabbi Chaim Vital c. 5303-5380 (c. 1543-1620 CE), major disciple of R. Isaac (Yitzchak) Luria, and responsible for publication of most of his works.
Zechariah Goldman is the founder of and is the author of 15 works on Torah spirituality. He lives with his wife and children in Los Angeles, California. He can be contacted at:
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Anonymous USA June 26, 2014

Coming back to this concept. Ignoring the honors and insults, when being so closed to our Creator. My love for Him is so deep. Loosing Him is terrifying. It is hard to ignore insults, hurts. Sometimes the pain they bring depends on the person who cause them. The more meaningful to us the hardest. But, the knowledge of the love Hashem, blelssed be He, gives us. Seeing His glory everyday in every detail of this Creation of His, all hurts, all pain, rejection, neglect, abuses, would help us to to learn to ignore them all. When meditating in the beauty of His statutes, His compassion, His faithfulness, His True love, how not to one ignore it all? Life in this world is temporary. Nothing is compared to Him. Not riches, not all the treasures of this world. Our Father in Heaven is far more precious than it all. Why would anyone want to lose Him for all these temporary things? Our life closed to Him is far more worth. B"H! Reply

Paul Bourgeois June 4, 2014

Ego I think this is the key. Do we live for ourselves or others? Reply

Anonymous USA July 20, 2013

Equanimity What a wonderful concept. I never thought about it. Many people have insulted me, and hurt me. Sometimes I felt anger, sometimes hurt, and tried to ask G-d what was I doing wrong. I needed to understand to change my ways. ...Thank you for your teachings. I will be very happy to study from your site. Reply

Doniel July 18, 2013

Wrong source? Thank you for these excellent translations and valuable resources. Reply

Michelle UK June 25, 2012

thankyou for sharing of this lessons G-d be with you and bless you more, in His service Reply

Yitschak Ariel Mark Kartashev Vancouver , WA October 10, 2010

Equanimity i love this website. Reply

Anonymous glasgow via January 23, 2010

"Equanimity"` in answer to your question the text revealed that devekut is the key to hishtaavut
and devekut comes through learning chassidut and prayer Reply brooklyn, ny via November 10, 2009

Answer: How does one attain equanimity BS"D
One attains equanimity, or rather strives to attain it, through a remembering self sacrifice the entire day. One attains this level through learning Chassidus. Reply

Anonymous Denver , CO via October 28, 2009

Equanimity ...there is no arguing as to the tranquility and the clarity of the soul in such a state...the question then becomes, how does one attain
to it? Reply

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