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Kabbalah encourages us to see the messages communicated in our dreams.

The World of Dreams

The World of Dreams

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The World of Dreams
Kabbalah encourages us to see the messages communicated in our dreams.

You must strive to examine your dreams, for they are a manifestation of the Holy One's guidance personally directed to you. Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, of blessed memory, teaches (see Chapter Four of "Shaarei Kedusha"), that you can analyze your behavior through a dream, for according to what you do during the day, so is the dream (Zohar, Chaya Sarah 130a). As Elijah said to Job, "In a dream, a nocturnal vision of the night, when a deep sleep falls over people, during slumbers upon the bed, then He uncovers people's ears and seals their affliction." (Job 33:15)

To the extent that a person is righteous, so is the truth of his dreams….

To the extent that a person is righteous, so is the truth of his dreams. A person will sometimes see visions of the heavenly worlds in his dreams, and there will speak with the deceased and recognize them; these will reveal to the dreamer teachings about the Garden of Eden and Gehinom, as it has often happened in our times. Yet, I do not want to lengthen this essay with stories. Our sages say, "Rabbi Yonah said in the name of Rabbi Zera, 'One who does not have a dream for seven consecutive days is a transgressor, as the verse says, 'And he who has it will rest satisfied [in Hebrew, 'savea'] and will not be visited for evil.' (Proverbs 19:23) Do not read 'savea' bur 'sheva' [Hebrew for 'seven']." (Berachot 14a)

Rashi, of blessed memory, explains that a person who transgresses does not receive the guidance of the Divine Providence through a dream. It seems to me that a dream will not come to him because his soul does not ascend on high while he sleeps. The soul of such a person is like the spirit of the beast that descends to the depths of the earth [paraphrasing Ecclesiates 3:21].

What is decreed for man in the heavenly worlds is revealed through dreams. As Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai explains: "Thirty days before a nation rises to power, or before a nation is to endure a disaster, the coming event is announced throughout the world. It is sometimes communicated through the mouths of children, or that of the simple-minded, or at times through birds who proclaim it to the world, but no one is aware of this because no one understands. When the nation is worthy, the impending misfortune is announces to the righteous leaders of the generation so that these may issue a warning; thus, when the people hear about the decree they may return to their Maker. Yet, if the people are not deserving, it is as we said." (Zohar, Shemot 6b)

[Translated by Simcha Benyosef]

Simcha H. Benyosef is a scholar living in Jerusalem. Formerly a close student of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, Benyosef is also the translator of the 16th century Safed classic, Reishit Chochma ("Beginning of Wisdom").
Rabbi Eliyahu da Vidas d. c. 5353 (c. 1593 CE). Disciple of RaMaK; possibly studied under the Ari zal as well, whom he certainly knew. Wrote Reishit Chochma, a kabbalistic ethical treatise.
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Anonymous usa June 9, 2016

dreams On Shemini Atzeret this past year I had a dream that Mashiach came. What could that actually mean? Reply

thank you texas via July 19, 2015

thank you thank you Reply

Anonymous Qr November 16, 2013

Not to be visited for evil Not to be visited for evil is something that attracts me very much, because, from my perspective, there are all kinds of dreams, good dreams like those this article refers to, but also dreams of anguish, and also those premonitory dreams that are also explained here.
To be visited for evil, sounds to me it's like to have a dream where evil is conceived, the next thing to be done, it's to carry it out and that's where the anguish, the horror, comes out in the dream. Wonder what would have happened if Joseph, the son of Jacob Avinu, had said to Pharaoh "your soul is like the spirit of a beast that descends to the depths of the earth" instead of interpreting his dream. Reply

Ossy Eze Umunze, Nigeria via September 10, 2013

The World of Dreams The world of dreams is real and most times true, depending on the level of the dreamer's righteousness. Reply

Anonymous VEWNTURA F; 3318- February 20, 2013

Enjoy and am interested in kabbala near aventura Reply

Anonymous USA February 2, 2013

The World of Dreams What it is written in this article is so true. I notice that the more I seek Hashem, the more dreams I have. Many times He have showed me what is going to happen in the future or near future. I guess He, blessed be He, do that so that we can pray of behave of those involved, like the prayer in the Siddur. Reply

olivia Kampala, Uganda via December 14, 2011

Parents are physical representatives of the Almighty listen and honour them so your days may be long. The word of God endures for ever. Reply

Mariah Mulenga Lusaka, Zambia June 21, 2011

Dream First and foremost, i shall thank the people behind this website. It has really helped build me in such a beautiful way. Whenever i have something bothering me, I pray and read the articles here, and before am even done, my mind clears up, and my heart listens. Reply

julie black mtn, nc,usa November 26, 2010

after reading this, i suddenly recall my mother using the expression "a little bird told me". Is this where this expression originates? Reply

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