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Prayer Requests / Biographies of Sages and Kabbalists


Your Prayer Request Delivered to Holy Burial Sites

Click here to learn the importance of Praying At Holy Gravesites.

Click here for FREE DELIVERY of your prayer request. Your prayer requests can be brought directly to the gravesites of the greatest kabbalists of all time and other holy sages whose resting places are here in Safed. We escort visitors to gravesites of the kabbalists in Safed at least once a week and will take your prayers along.

Click here for SPECIAL DELIVERY of your prayer request. If you wish your prayer to be delivered quickly, or on a specific date or to a specific gravesite, this can only be done by making a small donation. This option also includes gravesites situated outside of Safed.

You may click on the names below to read a brief biography of each holy Jew (in approximate chronological order).

Sage and warrior from the Davidian-era
14 chapters of his prophecies are recorded in the Bible
Legendary Chana of Chanukah fame
The "circle-drawer" who brought the rains
Help for the lovelorn from the top sage of Hillel
He always said: "This is also for the good. "
Father-in-law of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai; Sage of the Mishna and the Zohar
Author of the Holy Zohar (photo courtesy of
One of Rabbi Akiva's main students, along with Rashbi
by Chana Katz
The righteous charity distributor from the time of the Mishna
Author of the Shulchan Aruch, the Code of Jewish Law
Renowned as one of the great 'darshanim' (sermonizers) of the Jewish world
Author of Lecha Dodi prayer said to greet the Sabbath Queen
The 'Ramak' of Safed, the predecessor of the Ari
The Holy Ari, chief of the Safed kabbalists
Rabbi Chaim Tirar of Tchernovitz - "The Well of Living Waters"
The Avritcher Rebbe
"The Afflicted One" from Hebron, buried in Safed
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