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Adam originally included both male and female.

The Female Aspect of Adam

The Female Aspect of Adam

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The Female Aspect of Adam
Adam originally included both male and female.

And the Lord G‑d caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept, and He took one of his sides, and closed the flesh in its place…[And He made it into a woman] and brought her to the man. (Gen. 2:21)

It is known that Adam was the epitome of all creation, the handiwork of G‑d Himself. He included all holiness and all the souls of Israel. The entire side of holiness was connected to him and included in him.

Also, Adam originally included both male and female, since he was created with the two [connected] bodies. Everything in the world must contain the concept of both male and female…

Everything in the world must contain the concept of both male and female. This is especially true in serving G‑d, where the male and female elements correspond respectively to "remember" and "keep" [referring to Shabbat].

The essence of the male and female elements respectively is the concept of giving and receiving. Thus, for example, a person can attain great attachment, holiness, and purity of thought. Such a person then gives spiritual delight to the supernal Lights, universes, and attributes. This is the concept of the male element.

At the same time, however, this person receives spiritual sustenance from the supernal universes. This is the concept of his female element. All Israel also partake of this female element when this sustenance is transmitted to them, providing them with everything they need. From it they receive "children, life and food", and the like. The Male and Female essences come together to once again give birth through the transmission of love to the world…

The concept on high that bestows spiritual sustenance is the Male Essence. The spiritual flux becomes the semen, and the Male and Female essences come together to once again give birth through the transmission of love to the world. Besides its immediate effect, each deed also affects future generations. The deed is then aroused, giving birth to another spiritual flux at that future date [such as on anniversaries].

It is thus written, "And He took one of his sides"; this means that the side and concept of femininity was taken from Adam. He then "closed the flesh in its place"; G‑d put in its place a concept of the physical. According to this concept, the tzadik has the power to accept the supernal flux and transmit all kinds of good from on high to the lower world. He can even transmit this to the physical.

[parashat VeEtchanan (81c); adapted by Aryeh Kaplan
(The Chasidic Masters/Moznaim Press)]

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan was the Bronx-born renowned author of over 50 books. In addition to his brilliant success as a youthful prodigy in various yeshivas, as a university graduate student, he was described in a scientific "Who's Who" as the most promising young physicist in America. In the field of Kabbala in English, he translated and elucidated two of the oldest and most important texts: Sefer Yetzira and Sefer Habahir, and his Meditation and Kabbala is still the classic in the field. The Jewish people suffered a tragic loss when he passed away suddenly in 1983 at the age of 48.
Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heshel, the "Apter Rebbe", ( Poland, 1755-1825) was a main disciple of the Rebbe Elimelech of Lizhensk. His burning love of the Jewish people earned him the title of 'Oheiv Yisrael', 'Lover of Israel', which became also the title of a collection of his thoughts arranged according to the weekly Torah portions.
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Sara Southfield, MI-USA via May 3, 2014

Adam It is my understanding that Lilith was the first wife of Adam who was attached to him. They were created equal and not taken from the rib like Eve. Lilith felt equal with Adam due to the unique situation and didn't want to obey him. She became a demon due to not wanting to obey God or Adam. Therefore God caused sleep to come upon Adam again and Eve was created from his rib. Eve was more compliant. Yes we all have male and female energy within us. Some people have more male or female energy than others and that cause confusion for some people as to what is their true gender. Reply

Anonymous San Angelo, Texas via March 31, 2014

Female aspect of Adam Every human created in the womb has both male and female. One or the other takes over about 6 weeks. If neither develop to 100 % with the emotiions, character and personality then we have either a physical dispairment, emotional, or personality. This is why some are born that do not care to marry as a man marrying a woman or vice versa. Society has given other names to these people but it s wrong.. As a man if I do not want to marry a woman that is my busisness and I am not a homosexual. If I never have a sexual relation with another man that is my business and it is no others business. It is between me and God. We have physical deformities at birth and we have emotion,character, personality problems. God took a human cell from Adam and created a woman. Nothing more nothing less and speculation and philosopy is not needed by anyone. As a teen I knew of men and women that did not get married and they were not called lesbian or homosexutal until the modern age college professors. Reply

Yerachmiel Tilles Tzefat, Israel via January 21, 2013

for Avigayil Chana Please reread the paragraphs before your quotation to understand the context.
If you still don't get it, send me the question again via the "Ask the Kabbalist" option at the very top of the page, above the red title bar. Reply

Avigayil Chana Boston January 15, 2013

I do not understand this part... I do not understand this part:
"He then "closed the flesh in its place"; G-d put in its place a concept of the physical."

God gave the male Adam a concept of the physical? Wasn't Adam already physical? Help! (Thanks) Reply

michele ann garris-barlow santa monica, ca July 16, 2012

male & female
complicated. persons who are educators could really learn a lot here Reply

Jan Janse van Rensburg. CENTURION, South Africa via June 3, 2012

The Female Aspect of Adam I like the simpleness of the explanation. Reply

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