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Angels are divine emissaries with form but no substance.



Angels are divine emissaries with form but no substance.

Maimonides writes that everything which G‑d created may be divided into three categories: those things which are a composite of mutable substance and form; those of immutable substance and form; and those creatures which are form without substance. The latter are the angels. They are not bodies nor physical beings, but rather forms which are separated from one another by the principles which they represent. Thus, “form” in this case does not mean dimensional structure, but rather a clearly defined spiritual principle or permutation of divine energy. Angels...are separated from one another by the principles which they represent

Angelic beings fall into two general categories: those which were created during the six days of Creation (referred to as the “ministering angels”), and those which are created on a day-to-day basis to fulfill various missions in this world. The names of the angels change in accordance with their mission.

When angels are sent down to this world as emissaries of the Holy One to carry out a specific mission, they become clothed in a body formed from the element of air or of fire. Angels may also appear in human form. Once they have completed their worldly duties, they divest themselves of their bodies and return to their former spiritual state.

There are angels which inhabit each of the four worlds: Ofanim in the world of asiyah, chayot in the world of yetzirah and seraphim in the world of beriah. There are also angels in the world of atzilut.

The angels are further subdivided according to the sefirah from which they derive. The angels are thus divided into “camps” according to the division of the sefirot. The angel Michael and his “camp,” for example, derive from the sefirah of chessed; the angel Gabriel and his “camp” derive from the sefirah of gevurah; and so on.

For a deeper look at angels: Angels 1: The True Story.

Rabbi Moshe Miller was born in South Africa and received his yeshivah education in Israel and America. He is a prolific author and translator, with some twenty books to his name on a wide variety of topics, including an authoritative, annotated translation of the Zohar. He has developed a coaching-type approach to dealing with life's issues based on Chassidism and Kabbalah—a tool for dealing with normal issues that everyone faces as well as issues psychologists usually address, often ineffectively. He also gives free live classes over the Internet.
The Zohar is a basic work of Kabbalah authored by Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and his students (2nd century CE). English translation of annotated selections by Rabbi Moshe Miller (Morristown, N.J.: Fiftieth Gate Publications, 2000) includes a detailed introduction covering the history and basic concepts of Kabbalah. Volume 1 (36 pp.) covers the first half of the first of the original’s three volumes. It is available online from our store, KabbalaOnline Shop.
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Anonymous Penticton, Canada via June 4, 2012

A confirmation on angels Since early childhood I have experienced angels more than once. This article explains clearly their manifestation - they become clothed in a body formed from the element of air or of fire. Angels may also appear in human form.
In my case the human form that disappeared after the mesage was most intriguing. In more than one case the angel that appeared was a life saving gift from the Divine. Reply

Anonymous jerusalem, israel December 7, 2011

thank u than you for the e mail its helping me out in my life i am not a chabad but i am not perfect .may the LORD bless u and your family and your friends and keep them far away from harm. keep up the great work. when i fell down i go to the vido and leason to them Reply

derek kihei, hi December 6, 2011

very interesting Rabbi disrespect please .. I grew up in los angeles,,..I think you have a movie script ready to go! Reply

Dovid Klein Chicago, Illinois December 6, 2011

Angels by Rabbi Moshe Miller I carefully read this article. I am a Lubavitcher Chosid and I have studied in depth for many years the inner mystical dimension of our Holy Torah. After reading this article, I can truly say that Rabbi Moshe Miller is a true Torah Scholar and he has an excellent talent for expressing himself in writing in his Torah writings. All I can say to Rabbi Moshe Miller is may G-d Almighty bless you to go from strength to strength. Reply

Anonymous Winnnipeg, Canada via December 5, 2011

Hebrew calendar birth date and Kabbala: angels As a Noahide humbly thank you for information clarifying both. Reply

Roberta via November 9, 2010

Angels This site is really interesting and instructive for those who are starting their studies in Kabbala!
Thanks for your efforts! - Reply

izzy ny, ny December 2, 2009

Conside and perfect! Keep up the amazing work! Reply

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