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Ramak's Works
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Ramak's Works

Ramak wrote prolifically. Among his works are:

Pardes Rimonim: The most renowned of Ramak's writings, the Pardes systematizes and expounds the entire spectrum of Kabbalistic thought until his time, resolving many apparent contradictions and hundreds of long-unanswered questions.

Or Yakar: A monumental commentary on the Zohar, this work explains numerous passages from Zohar, Tikunei Zohar; Zohar Chadash and other kabbalistic classics.

Or Ne'erav: An introduction to Kabbala.

Shiur Komah: A treatise dealing with the structure of the worlds and the sefirot.

Eilima Rabbati: A systematic and highly explanatory approach to the Or Ein Sof and the sefirot as well as other kabbalistic themes. The book begins with a polemic against those "who distance themselves from learning Kabbala."

Tomer Devorah: A treatise integrating ethical exhortation with kabbalistic teachings concerning the thirteen attributes of mercy found in Micah, and a kabbalistic explication of the concept of Imitatio Dei.

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