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Your name coded in the Torah!

Personal Kabbalistic Torah Codes

Personal Kabbalistic Torah Codes

Personal Kabbalistic Torah Codes
Your name coded in the Torah!

Ascent offers an intriguing opportunity to delve into one's personality and character traits with “Personal Kabbalistic Torah Codes” - a representation of your own name in the Torah.

One's individual spiritual gifts are often encoded in their name, birthdate, as well as within what words their name is encoded in the Torah. Your Personal Torah Codes package can help you unwrap those gifts for use in your everyday life.

To receive your own Kabbalistic Torah Code, please fill out this TorahScope Form, including your name (preferably your Hebrew name if you're Jewish), your date and approximate hour of birth, along with a donation.

Please look here to see what each package includes.

To get the full benefit of this service from overseas, it is also possible to arrange for a video-cam conference. See details here
(Click here for more information before ordering.)

To order your package:

  • With a secure online transaction - click here
  • By mail: Send check or money order made out to Ascent and designate payment for Kabbala Online.
  • By fax: Send your credit card details to fax # 972-4-6921942.

Please be sure to include:

  • The Name and Address to which you want the package shipped.
  • Your Name (preferably your Hebrew name if you're Jewish)
  • Your Date of Birth.
  • Whether You Were Born Before or After Sundown.
  • Which Package You Would Like To Order (see above for details).
Yerachmiel Tilles is the co-founder of Ascent-of-Safed, and was its educational director for 18 years. He is the creator of and and currently the director of both sites. He is also a well-known storyteller, a columnist for numerous chassidic publications, and a staff rabbi on, as well as and the author of "Saturday Night, Full Moon": Intriguing Stories of Kabbalah Sages, Chasidic Masters and other Jewish Heroes.