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The Hebrew letters . . . glimmerings of light.

Sanctity of the Holy Letters

Sanctity of the Holy Letters

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Sanctity of the Holy Letters
The Hebrew letters . . . glimmerings of light.

A person must be conscious of the extreme sanctity of the letters of the Torah. Multiple worlds were created from each letter, and numerous secrets are hidden within them. The holy Zohar teaches us that a human being cannot grasp even a thousandth of these secrets and worlds. When the Creator first formed the letters, He created them as hidden light which cannot be comprehended...

The shapes of the letters as they appear in a kosher Torah scroll correspond spiritually to the upper worlds, as do all of the combinations of the alphabet and all of the numerological calculations which arise from them.

When the Creator first formed the letters, He created them as hidden light which cannot be comprehended. He then lowered them, one step at a time, until they were embodied in the form of the heavenly letters, which are spiritual lights. And when He gave them to us, He further embodied them in a physical form, on the model of the neshamah which cannot dwell in this world without a physical body to carry it.

Therefore, when learning Torah or praying, a person must pay great attention to the holiness of the letters. He must keep in mind that he is dealing with objects of great holiness, and make sure to act properly and with spiritual purity.

[from Pituchei Chotam, Parashat Pekudei, as anthologized in Peninei Avir Ya’akov.]

Rabbeinu Yaakov Abuchatzeira (1807-1880) is the most famous of all the Moroccan kabbalists. He authored twelve books of or touching upon Kabbala. The inestimable "Baba Sali" of our century was his grandson.
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Anonymous January 11, 2012

cool Thank you for this. Reply

LLOYD GEORGE india, kerala via January 11, 2012

can u tell me the importance behind jewish star? Reply

Anonymous January 11, 2012

Answers.. To anonymous from Corinth, yes, most definitely these letters can be experienced. There is a book out called 'Eye to The Infinite' -- available through -- that talks more about it, including meditations on the letters.
To anonymous from Roanoke, no doubt there is an article somewhere on this site to answer you, but in short, there is a Talmudic discussion as to whether the 'Ksav Ashuris' [square 'Assyrian script] we use today was actually known by Moses and inscribed on the Tablets or not. [The Talmud Yerushalmi implies conclusively that it was not.] At any rate, the sages tell us that Ezra HaSofer, who finalised today's script, was holy enough that the Torah could have been given through him. He formalised the Ksav Ashuris with the holy spirit resting on him, such that the letters, and how they have evolved over the generations, reflect their spiritual soul and root, as discussed by the Ari HaKodosh [Rabbi Yitschok Luria Ashkenazi] and others. This idea is enlarged upon by Rabbi Tsaddok HaCohen in his works. Reply

Anonymous Corinth, ky via September 8, 2011

sacred letters humans can not access The secret here is that as soul these sacred letters can be experienced. Who do I talk to about this. I am not Jewish but have done soul travel and need to figure out about truth Reply

Anonymous Roanoke, VA February 20, 2011

Curious... I've always wondered how this theory fits with the fact that ancient Hebrew looked very different than the letters we have in the Torah scroll. Does anybody know anything about this? Reply

Nick henriquez Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic via November 29, 2010

This article is interesting! Thanks for it. G'd bless you! Reply

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