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The Zohar speaks of a fifth exile at the End of Days: Ishmael

The Final Battle with Ishmael

The Final Battle with Ishmael

The Final Battle with Ishmael
The Zohar speaks of a fifth exile at the End of Days: Ishmael

The Midrash speaks of four exiles in advance of Mashiach's arrival and the Final Redemption: Babylonian, Median, Greek, and Roman (Bereishit Rabba 2:4). Yet the Zohar speaks of another aspect of exile at the End of Days:

"...The descendents of Ishmael will go up at that time [End of Days] with the nations of the world against Jerusalem..." (Zohar 1:119a)

There is a tradition that Ishmael will be the final extension of the Roman Exile. It will be with his descendants that the final generation of Jews before the redemption will have to contend. This is supported by the Midrash:

Israel will say to the king of the Arabs, "Take silver and gold and leave the Temple." The king of the Arabs will say, "You have nothing to do with this Temple. However, if you want, choose a sacrifice as you did in the past, and we will also offer a sacrifice, and with the one whose sacrifice is accepted, we will all become one people." The Jewish people will offer theirs, but it will not be accepted because the Satan will lay charges against them before The Holy One, Blessed is He. The descendents of Kedar will offer theirs, and it will be accepted.... At that time, the Arabs will say to Israel, "Come and believe in our faith," but Israel will answer, "We will kill or be killed, but we will not deny our belief!" At that time, swords will be drawn, bows will be strung and arrows will be sent, and many will fall... (Sefer Eliyahu, Pirkei Mashiach, p. 236)

Furthermore, says the Zohar:

[During the Resurrection of the Dead], many camps will arise in Land of the Galilee, because that is where Mashiach is going to be revealed, since it is part of Joseph's territory. It will be the first place to be destroyed. It will begin there ahead of all other places, and then spread to the nations... (Vayakhel 220a)

When the latest Intifadah began, one of the first places to be destroyed was the Tomb of Joseph. The barbaric destruction of this Jewish holy site caught the world's attention, though the damage could not be reversed.

Rabbi Pinchas Winston is the author of more than a dozen books, including "The Big Picture," and a number of video and audio cassettes.
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November 18, 2016
aimonides the most respected jewish rabbi in history said:

"All those words of Jesus of Nazareth and of this Ishmaelite [i.e., Muhammad] who arose after him, are only to make straight the path for the messianic king and to prepare the whole world to serve the Lord together. As it is said: 'For then I will change the speech of the peoples to a pure speech so that all of them shall call on the name of the Lord and serve him with one accord' (Zephaniah 3:9)....When the true Messianic king will arise and prove successful, his position becoming exalted and uplifted, they will all return and realize that their ancestors endowed them with a false heritage and their prophets and ancestors caused them to err." [Melachim uMilchamot - Chapter 11 - Halacha 4]
Umayyad Muslim
September 18, 2016
I find it interesting that josephs land is in the galilee? So gerizim and ebal of today are actually shammai and hillel graves in meron?
August 11, 2016
Rabbi Pichas,
From where do you derive the authority of "sefer eliyahu,pirkei moshiach"..sounds misleading to me. What kind of a midrash is that?
Gideon Aronovich
July 19, 2016
About the Qorban
In what way will HaShem accept (chas ve'shalom) Yishmail's qorban?? How will you know which qorban Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu accepts??
Avra'am Iskhakov
March 15, 2016
Why would you post this??
I'm sorry but why in the world would you post this without showing any explanation or clarifying your comments???

What does this mean? Why would hashem favor Islam over us? Are the Ishmaelim going to convert to Judaism and follow a more strict form of Halacha??

Why would you post something that would obviously not be readily understood by the people? It's a very short post and lacks any sort of clarification on a completely disturbing topic.

Things like this can cause someone to question if Islam or Christianity is correct. You posted this years ago and I think we deserve an elucidation..........
September 10, 2014
how can we ease this exile ? there must be an easier way to give birth (spiritual lamaze, etc.) !!!
July 25, 2014
How is the temple present at that time as Sefer Eliyahu says?
How is the temple present at that time as Sefer Eliyahu says, as this is well prior to mashiach arriving?
February 18, 2011
Good analysis
Sarah's analysis is very good. This whole land for peace thing which is not working at all is the problem. It just may be what the Zohar is getting at as to why Hashem is looking the other way. Any ideas on what we can do to correct this issue before it is too late.
Robert Rubin
Lincoln, MA
February 9, 2011
"The Jewish people will offer theirs (sacrifice) but it will not be accepted because the Satan will lay charges against them before the Holy One, Blessed is He."

For good reason! In the Six Day War when the Jews finally won the Temple Mount back after 2000 years of exile, what did they do? They turned around and gave it back to the Arabs. They not only threw away the holiest spot in the entire Universe, the direct channel to G-d by which all blessing flows to the earth, that was given to them as a wedding present from G-d Himself. [It is as if] they divorced G-D by their actions, causing a desecration of G-d's Name on a massive scale. The Arabs have that power now flowing through them, and they are using it.
Va Beach, VA
October 18, 2010
The battle is just beginning
Fascinating article. This whole subject is confusing. I believe we are going through this prophecy from the Zohar right now. The tomb of Josua was destroyed in the West bank as mentioned in 2000. Camps springing up in the Sea of Galilee could mean the Jewish settlements in the West Bank. The Palestinians will petition the world for a state including east Jerusalem. Maybe it is not that G-d will accept it but the UN or the world politic will try to force this. The Israeli solution will be rejected. Ultimately we will have to fight to bring the final redemption and show the world who has the true G-d. No one said it would be easy, it never has been for our brothers and sisters throughout history, but we are destined to prevail.
Robert Rubin
Lincoln, MA

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