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Pirkei Avot

Pirkei Avot

Ethics of the Fathers

1:1 The Force of Transmission
1:2 World's 3 Pillars
1:3 For the Love of G-d
1:5 Hospitality and the Letter Hei
1:10 Get a Job!
1:11 Scholars, Be Cautious
1:14 When I am I
1:14 "If I Am Not…"
1:17 Silence of the Wise
2:1 Connecting Completely
2:1 Every Single Day
2:2 Work/Study Program
2:4 Fulfill the Will
2:8 Granting the Soul Its Due Credit
2:10 The Fire of the Sages
2:12 In All Your Ways
3:1 Learning From Miracles
3:2 A Book of Remembrance
3:2 Shepherdess of the Exile
3:3 Tasty Fixings
3:9 Wisdom Before Fear
3:14 Created in the Divine Image
4:1 What You See is What You Get
Do a Mitzvah, Get a Mitzvah
4:2 Mitzvah Rewards
4:6 Simple Honor
4:11 Returning from Below to Above
4:20 Old Wine in a New Vessel
4:22 Delighting in G-d
5:1 Ten Stages
5:1 Desire and Divinity
5:5 Snakes and Scorpions
5:6 Rebelling Against Rest
5:8 Learning From Miracles
5:14 Jewish Acupuncture
5:17 For Heaven's Sake
5:19 The Blessing of a Good Eye
6:1 Elevating Distractions
6:2 The Divine Voice
6:5 Forty-Eight Special
6:10 Personal Possessions
6:10 Absolute Acquisitions
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