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When Adam and Eve sinned, and also Cain and Abel their children, all the soul-sparks became mixed together.

Intermingled Souls

Intermingled Souls

Gate of Reincarnations: Chapter Thirty, Section 3


We explained previously that every limb of the 248 limbs of the soul of Adam is a root unto itself and includes countless soul-sparks. Nevertheless, when Adam and his wife Eve sinned, as well as Cain and Abel1, their children, all the soul-sparks became mixed together. Accordingly, sparks of Adam combined with those of Cain and Abel, and sparks of Abel with Adam’s and Cain’s, etc.

...all mistakes are drawn from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The reason for this is that all mistakes are drawn from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Its outstanding quality is the mix-up. The chief component of the rectification process involves straightening out the mess and separating each thing to its proper place.

One of the main themes of Sha’ar Hagilgulim is to learn about and understand the mix-up. This in itself is a great step to fixing it up.

Therefore, sometimes the nefesh of a person will be from Cain, but the ruach comes from Adam. For once they mixed together, they bond. Sparks of Adam often come together with sparks of Cain, the ruach from Adam and the nefesh from Cain. It is the same matter with respect to the neshama with the ruach and the nefesh .

Thus, if a person works to rectify his nefesh, which happens to be from the level of Cain, until it literally becomes similar to the ruach from the level of Adam, then this ruach will enter and become clothed by this nefesh. This applies even though they do not come from the same source and type, one being from Adam and the other from Cain .

Good things can come out of the tumultuous journey of...things being out of place.

Good things can come out of the tumultuous journey of the haphazard ride of things being out of place. New connections are made that provide new angles and end up enhancing the soul's own fortes.

The combination of souls will continue until Mashiach and Elijah's coming, at which time everything will return to its proper root. From that time onward, the ruach from the level of Cain will join with the nefesh that it is similar to it from the level of Cain, and the ruach from the level of Adam will unite with the nefesh from the level of Adam.

The admixture within the tree of knowledge caused that everything became disjointed and then improperly mixed. Sparks were forced to lend themselves and join others of a different source. The tikun involves restoring each spark to its rightful root.

A person may have to go through phases that require him to do things not according to his essence. At such times, he can be fortified by the knowledge that these are only steps that lead to achieving who he really is.

This is the secret of the verse, "Behold, I will send to you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome day of G - d. He will restore the hearts of fathers to sons, and the hearts of sons to fathers . " (Malachi 3:23-24) In other words, he will return each soul to its proper root - - understand this.

The intrinsic truth of God's existence and sovereignty will then be fully manifest.

The way must be paved before the great awesome day. The intrinsic truth of God's existence and sovereignty will then be fully manifest. Therefore, "Elijah comes to distance falsehood and bring truth close." (Eduyot 8) The great revelation of truth will magnetize each thing back to its source.

"Fathers" symbolize the source level. "Children" symbolize the offshoots. Each one will re-connect to where it truly belongs. This needs to be well understood - how not to be discouraged when a person sees himself operating out of character in many ways. Also, when one sees things around disjointed and out of place. This could include foundational things such as having the wrong business partner, working the wrong job, having the wrong mate, etc. As long as he adopts the quality of Elijah and acts out of truth, he is guaranteed to merit to return to his true self and eventually act outside in a manner that is truly congruent to within. Along with this root alignment fitting connections will manifest and be restored.

The reason why Elijah will do this is because he himself is a combination of souls, his nefesh coming from the level of Nadab and Abihu of Cain, as we will explain later . His ruach came from another level, although I did not learn from my teacher from where. There are many other issues regarding this matter.

Elijah comes from a great level of perfection. His awesome soul root stood before G‑d before creation. (Rabbi Laizer Berland) In order to afford him the ability to reach down to the world's problems and fix them, he was also set up in a problem. Many times this idea applies to every person. Things that are intrinsically wrong for him are actually part of his tikun in order to fix the universe. As mentioned, the person needs to know that this ends up expanding his own horizons.

[Translation and commentary by Perets Auerbach.]

Abel, who was murdered, also sinned for “there is no death without sin.” (Shabbat) The Zohar states that he gazed improperly at the Shechina.
Rabbi Yitzchak Luria […Ashkenazi ben Shlomo] (5294-5332 = 1534-1572 c.e.); Yahrtzeit (anniversary of death): 5th of Av. Buried in the Old Cemetery of Tzfat. Commonly known as the Ari, an acronym standing for Elohi Rabbi Yitzchak, the
G-dly Rabbi Isaac. No other master or sage ever had this extra letter Aleph, standing for Elohi [G-dly], prefaced to his name. This was a sign of what his contemporaries thought of him. Later generations, fearful that this appellation might be misunderstood, said that this Aleph stood for Ashkenazi, indicating that his family had originated in Germany, as indeed it had. But the original meaning is the correct one, and to this day among Kabbalists, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria is only referred to as Rabbenu HaAri, HaAri HaKadosh [the holy Ari] or Arizal [the Ari of blessed memory].
Yitzchok bar Chaim is the pseudonym of the translator, an American-born Jerusalem scholar who has studied and taught Kabbala for many years. He may be contacted through: He translated the Ari's work, "Shaar HaGilgulim;" his translation into English (but with much less extensive commentary than offered here). Information about his translation in book form may be obtained through
Rabbi Chaim Vital c. 5303-5380 (c. 1543-1620 CE), major disciple of R. Isaac (Yitzchak) Luria, and responsible for publication of most of his works.
Rabbi Peretz Auerbach, originally from New York, has been living and learning Torah and kabbala in Jerusalem for 18 years. He teaches at Shvu Ami beit medrash, lectures in Kabbalah and chassidut at the Jerusalem Connection and Heritage House and to private groups. Rabbi Auerbach is also a talented musician. He is currently working on an all new translation of the Zohar into English with extensive commentary as well as a disc entitled "Music, Meditation and Mysticism."
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