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An intriguing opportunity to delve into one's personality and character traits

Personal Kabbalistic Torah Codes

Personal Kabbalistic Torah Codes

Personal Kabbalistic Torah Codes
An intriguing opportunity to delve into one's personality and character traits

Under the direction of Rabbi Eliyahu Kaye, the Ascent Multimedia Center has developed “Personal Kabbalistic Torah Codes” - an intriguing opportunity to delve into one's personality and character traits, and one of our most requested workshops.

The method of creating your Personal Torah Codes is made using a unique blend of computer programs and consists of three major variables: name of the person, birthday, and the weekly Torah portion that the person was born in.

Person’s Name

One's Jewish name consists of a number of letters of the Hebrew alphabet. According to the holy Kabbalistic teachings of the Arizal, each Hebrew letter is a "pipeline" to bring spiritual energy from the upper worlds to our physical.

This is the reason we find original references (in the Talmud, and especially in Kabbala) to the theory of names, because the person’s Jewish name is the channel of energy that he receives from the upper spiritual worlds and it affects his whole human essence.

The Holy Ari teaches us that the name the parents choose for their baby is actually a ‘small prophecy’. This prophetic inspiration is directed to the parents from above and enables them to give the child the exact name that is destined for him/her.

Birth Date

A person’s birth date has a very important impact on his/her life. In the original Jewish texts it is stated that the twelve astrological signs are each related to one month of the Hebrew calendar. Each sign has its own potential energy, and this sign influences the soul that was born on that particular month.

In addition to a person’s monthly astrological sign, each soul is also influenced according to which day of the week he/she was born on. Each day corresponds to one of the seven character traits taken from the ten ‘sefirot’. In addition to this, each hour has its own influence on a person’s soul, as we learn from G‑d’s Holy Name, which changes every hour.

According to the Kabbalistic book “Sefer HaYitzera” each holy letter of the Hebrew alphabet corresponds to a different part of the human physical makeup.

These three concepts together (month, day and time) constitute a person’s luck and life opportunities.

Having said this, it is worthy to note that our Holy Sages said: “There is no luck to Israel” – meaning that although these concepts apply to each Jew, they do not control him, and every Jew has the soul power to control and rise above their luck. In other words, although this luck does exist, the person can work to change it.

Birth Day Weekly Portion

Each week we read on Shabbat one (or occasionally two) of the 53 weekly Torah portions. This portion influences the spiritual light and abundance which comes down to the world in this given week, as each Torah portion has its own special light and abundance which belongs specifically to it.

All the events which a person experiences during the days of his life are hinted at in his weekly Torah portion of the week in which he was born.

Your own Personal Kabbalistic Torah Code can be found using a unique blend of computer programs, which finds your name inside the weekly portion you were born in, by skipping an equal interval of letters between each letter of your name.

This method is based on the teachings of the Holy Ba’al Shem Tov, who teaches us that everything that happens in the world happens under divine providence, and therefore there is great significance in the words and verses where we find the name of the person in the weekly portion he/she was born in.

Your Own Kabbalistic Torah Code

Rabbi Kaye will be happy to not only find the verses in your Weekly Portion containing the letters of your Hebrew name, and to print them and highlight them in a matrix, he can also arrange to be available to guide you in deciphering its significance. This will help to reveal matters connecting to your personality and purpose in life, which you will find to be a valuable tool for your success and fruition.

To order your own “Personal Kabbalistic Torah Code” please click here.

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Eleazar Shlomo ben Yakov Goldman San Francisco June 1, 2015

Is Astrology a valid subject for the Jewish people? Astrology is permitted to determine character and a persons tendencies, but not to predict what may come. That would in essence say that Astrology is above the Holy One, who can choose to do anything in regard to a person, group, or nation, OUTSIDE the Astrological and Planetary system of administrating the lower world (which He has in place). Of course, that is absurd. BUT, Astrology, the ancient kind, can determine with great exactness, what a persons incarnated character and tendencies are. Only in the hands of a G-d-fearing, knowledgable and highly skilled Astrologer can this be ascertained. Reply

Sarah France, Cannes via May 15, 2015

Birthday Which day is the best to give birth? I heard that tuesday may brings good luck and wealth to the baby.Is it true? Reply

Eleazar Shlomo ben Yakov Goldman GUANAJUATO, MEXICO January 21, 2013

Finding your beshert? ( your soul-mate) HaShem appoints to each person the "other half" of their divine soul as their partner, their beshert, in this world, BUT it all depends. It depends on a persons thoughts, words and deeds , especially regarding their interaction with OTHER individuals that ARE NOT their destined mates. If one chooses to disregard the injunctions, the commands that HaShem has given to an individual, then his or her mate does NOT become "destined" for that person, but will pair with another individual according to the will of HaShem, while a different "mate" will be given to the 1st person, appropriate for their thoughts and behavior "while acting as though HaShem is not before them constantly". That aspect of judgement can be rectified by choosing to do teshuvah and adopting the yoke of Heaven, especially for the kavanah of tikkun haOlam and raising the Shekinah from her level of "in the dust". Reply

Anonymous USA January 13, 2013

Torah Codes I have never looked into astrological signs because I thought it was a sin. Now this is something different. I was given a name which I changed myself because I was born in a christian, so called, home. But once Hashem, blessed be He, revealed to me that I am a descendant of the jewish people from both my parents, I change my name to a jewish name. I do not know what name corresponds to me, being genetecally, and spiritually Jewish, but I chose Rut. I wish to find out what my true name is in Torah. Thank you for this article, it has given me a new hope. Reply

Anonymous rego park, new york via June 30, 2012

marige i want to find my half soon Reply


KABBALAH, ASTROLOGY and LUCK Very few orthodox Rabbi's that have written on the subject, accept astrology as a "kosher" subject to be considered at all, let alone seriously. BUT, some kabbalists have commented upon ASTROLGY as being part of HA-SHEM'S DIVINE PROVIDENCE, including the RaMChaL. At any rate, it is NOT "LUCK" at all, as Ha-Shem provides each soul to receive it's appropriate portion of influences from it's celestial ROOTS above, modified by ZODIACAL and PLANETARY influences, also determined as appropriate for each soul, and as explained by the RaMChaL in DEREK HA-SHEM. Because YISROEL is DIRECTLY connected to HA-SHEM by their soul-level and HA-SHEM'S NAMES, YISROEL is "AYN MAZAL", meaning they can go directly to HA-SHEM, bypassing the system of the ASTROLOGICAL ARCHETYPES or "MAZAL" or "STAR", meaning the stellar influence of THAT system of things, coming from the MAZLOTH or ZODIAC. Reply

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